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The airfield is Open

Welcome to Bolt Head.

We welcome responsible and competent pilots. The purpose of making PPR mandatory and Online is to enhance safety, to ensure visitors have properly briefed themselves in advance, and have satisfied themselves, and us, that they and their aircraft are suitable for Bolt Head, an unmanned farm strip with crops on both sides. In so doing we hope that visitors will have a safe and good experience when visiting our airstrip, and that our neighbours noise concerns will be kept to a minimum.

This is an unmanned 'Farm Strip',  600m x 24m grass bordered by crops both sides. Previous experience of flying in and out of farm strips is recommended.

 Visiting aircraft are welcome, however Online PPR is mandatory for all flights.

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I have self briefed from the Pilot Briefing page on this website.
I acknowledge 2nm radius to N of runway is No Fly Zone and I will respect Noise Abatement.
I will make blind calls "Bolt Head Traffic" Safetycom 135.480
I acknowledge that this is an unmanned farm strip with crops both sides and I acknowledge that my visit is entirely at my own risk and responsibility.
I will log in and pay the landing fee and overnight parking fee in cash on arrival.
I will pay the landing fee and overnight parking fee online in advance and Log in on arrival.

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 PPR for Bolt Head Airfield

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