Pilot Briefing

Airfield Data

This is an unmanned farm strip with crops both sides. Previous experience of farm strip flying is recommended.

Location:  N 50 13.65   W 003 48.50

Elevation: 430 ft AMSL

Runway:   29/11   Grass   600m  x 24m (bordered both sides by crops)

Radio:  Blind Calls “Bolt Head Traffic” on Safety Com 135.480

Approach and Departure Paths clear of obstructions, 4ft fence at each end of runway.

No Students, No Training, No Circuits, Min 100hrs P1, this is a Farm Strip

Aircraft with engines over 200hp please telephone us first on 07507 606499 before submitting a PPR

Please be aware that we have no fuel!

‘C’ Hut:  Log in, and pay landing fee on arrival, cash – no cheques

Landing Fees:

  • Fixed wing, Microlight, Gyrocopter – £20.00
  • Private Helicopter – £40.00
  • Commercial Helicopter – £100
  • Parking – £10.00 each overnight
  • Payment Details –  Bank details will be sent with PPR Email.

For camping our land owner has a campsite that adjoins the airfield however we allow camping next to or under your aircraft we have a portaloo but there is no fresh water

Noise Abatement

Visiting aircraft are requested to respect our noise abatement requirements, designed to minimise the disturbance to our neighbours.

Out of respect to our neighbours we will no longer accept noisy aircraft – broadly speaking any aircraft over 200 hp will not be accepted. Exceptions possible if an effective silencer is fitted.

– see No-Fly zone map below

– Avoid 2nm radius to the North of the runway incl Salcombe Estuary and Salcombe Town

– Approach and Depart from/to the East, South, or West

– Circuit always to the South of the Airfield

– No Deadside, stay south of runway

– Circuit height 1000ft QFE (1430ft QNH)

All International Air Movements

“An operator or pilot of a general aviation aircraft is required to report in relation to International or Channel Island journeys to or from the uk, as specified under section 35 and 64 of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979”

A General Aviation Report (GAR) must therefore be completed for all international flights within the time parameters set out by the UK Customs authorities prior to landing at or departing from, Bolthead Airfield.

Is your flight international ………………yes/no

If your flight is international please confirm you have read this strict condition for the use of Bolthead Airfield and have submitted a completed General Aviation Report (GAR)………………….I confirm I have submitted a GAR as requested          Yes/No

The operators of Bolthead Airfield also actively support and comply with the procedures and requirements of  Border Force and Devon and Cornwall Police in policing the aerodrome and promoting immigration compliance.

Alternate AD

Bodmin 35nm NW, Exeter 35nm NNE, Guernsey 65nm SE

In emergency there is a microlight field 10nm to the NNE, Halwell, 480m sloping grass.

Airfield Plate

No Fly Zone


Thanks very much for carefully studying the information above – it’s really important that you understand and follow all aspects of the Pilot Briefing, paying particular attention to the noise abatement and no-fly zone rules.

Please now use the links below to PPR

Fixed Wing PPR

Helicopter PPR